dream 11 ipl2020 - success or a failure?

Indian Premier League is the most awaited fantasy sports in India. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, there is a huge doubt with the fantasy cricket fans whether the game would be conducted or not. It has been in question whether the game would be held as there is a number of corona deaths flood across India. The Lockdown and other crowd control to reduce the spread has been taken all over India. With safety as a primary concern, it had been thought that the game would be suspended for 2020. But thanks to the BCCI & Dream 11, the game has not been postponed for this year. 

IPL2020 Schedule

Hence, the new Vivo IPL 2020 sponsored by Dream 11 and BCCI has been scheduled to happen in Dubai without the presence of the crowd. Even though the fantasy fans are glad that the game has been scheduled to happen, they feel dejected that they could not able to watch over the game in stadiums. The game has been scheduled in such a way with safety as the main concern. 

Every player is tested and has been quarantined for more than 15 days before the game schedule to make sure that they did not have the Corona Virus. To prevent corona to spread socially, no audience was allowed inside the stadium. Only the Playing teams with their sponsors can watch the game in the Stadiums. Many players were tested, and they were given a chance to participate in the tournament at their own will. Some leading Indian players also quit the 2020 IPL tournament due to the pandemic.

Dream 11 IPL 

Dream 11 is the leading fantasy app which has been in the market for around 5 years. In India, online gambling, and has been set to be processed under some regulations. Yet, it is not fully regulated in the Indian market. Fantasy sports and fantasy cricket leagues are in the dream 11 apps where the people select their captains and vice-captains, and they invest in them accordingly. Finally, if the selected player’s performance is good, they earn more money. Such that Dream 11 monopolized with the huge number of fans playing the app. This year, IPL 2020 is sponsored by Dream 11 gets the reception of more fans due to the COVID Pandemic situation.

Crowd Cheering 

The trademark IPL music and the chorus of the audience make the IPL game more lively than any other games. But due to the pandemic virus, as the people prohibited to watch in the stadiums, we all miss the fun in watching the game. Even though the crowd cheering is mixed with the previous year IPL games to the viewers, the sportspeople motivation level gets demoted to some extent. 

Even more, people get bored in watching without the fans cheering in the stadiums. The echoes of cheering chanting each player and team names were the most missed part in the pandemic IPL2020. 

Pandemic IPL’s Effect on Players

The virtual crowd cheering technology does the job well for the people at home. Yet, it fails to energize the motivation level of the sportspeople. There are more incidents that happened to correlate with the mentioned effect. The West Indian players were mostly encouraged by the fans, watching and gets motivated by the crowd cheering. All the players including DJ Bravo, Pollard, Gayle, Sunil Narine, etc. were not displaying their expected performance in conformance with their previous IPL tournament Games. 

Further adding to the fact, the most successful franchisee with more senior players who were playing their best game until the previous years were getting off without entering into the playoffs. It is a history that the Chennai Super Kings team to get off just by playing the qualifiers. It can also be stated that the CSK team victory is mostly by the crowd cheering.

Despite these facts, there are more players who display their passion in this tournament. Yes, the Young Indian and other national players who were given chances, play their game passionately with full potential. In the aim to get selected to the International games they were showing their performance to the fullest. 

Hence, it can be said that the COVID19 PandemicIPL2020 even though fails to get the fun in watching the fantasy sports game, It obviously succeeded in the BCCI’s IPL vision which is to identify the young players and giving them a chance to play with the International players to get trained and play in any game along with them. Thus, The Dream 11’s Vivo IPL2020 is a dynamic success.