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Basics on how to play blackjack online

Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is a casino card game that is also played online. It is a betting game. Here is a guide on how to play blackjack.

The object is for the dealer to be beaten with a value of cards that is either twenty-one or as near as possible to twenty-one without exceeding it. If it is exceeded, then it is an automatic loss for the person who exceeds.

The type of suit of the cards does not matter in this game. Card numbers two up to ten are taken for the value on them. The ace can either be one or eleven depending on which is preferable. Thus, if you have a two and an ace the total value is thirteen or three. Face cards, which are the king, queen and jack, are valued at ten.

It can be played with either one deck, four decks, eight decks, six decks or two decks each having fifty-two cards. When the dealer deals, the cards are compared. If one exceeds twenty-one, then they bust. That is an automatic loss. Similarly, when the dealer busts, you win. Because the player must always act first, it is possible to bust and lose, whether or not the dealer busts.

The game usually has six players. Before anyone receives cards, bets are made. Each person is dealt with two cards, both face up. The dealer gets one face down and another face-up. If one has an ace and a ten, that is blackjack and they win the game, unless if the dealer also has twenty-one, in which case it is a push. Upon winning, a player receives one and a half times their bet. When one ties with the dealer they get back their money.

It is a general rule that when the dealer has seventeen or higher, he stays and when he has sixteen or lower he draws. They compare the values and deduce the winner until the dealer has Twenty-one.

One can split their hand, but only if the initial cards are of an equal value. Each of them starts their own hand and an equal bet is placed on the new hand. There are several versions of blackjack depending on where you are playing but the general rules and the object remain the same.

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